About Andrew Wareham

I was born in the post-war baby boom in 1946, third son to a painter and decorator, himself thirty-eight then. We lived some ten miles from Southampton, at Long Common, a group of half a dozen houses too small to be a village. My mother was not well and kept the house and almost never left it.

The three of us passed the 11+ and enjoyed the benefits of a grammar school, rising in the world, to my parents’ delight.

I took A Levels and entered employment with an insurance company. I applied to university within the month of starting work and was lucky to be accepted to the new University of Kent at Canterbury. I left the insurance company soon afterwards, to their relief and mine.

My three years at Kent produced a Lower Second from the Social Sciences Faculty and an inability to settle to a ‘proper’ career. Over the following forty years I taught for ten, worked for the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary for another ten, took contracts in the Middle East and then discovered how to write.

In between times I was married for thirty years and then widowed, with two children.

We live in a large house on the outskirts of Corby, in the East Midlands, accompanied currently by four St Bernards and an English Mastiff – we like giant dogs.

I write typically ten to fourteen full-length novels a year, self-publishing and selling only on Kindle. E-Books demand much less pre-publication fiddling and fussing of the author than paper books and are enjoying increased sales every year, to my delight.

In my spare time, I collect English pressed glass of the Victorian era, with the occasional piece from the early Twentieth Century. The collection has taken over much of the house, kept well clear of the dogs.

I have become reclusive and leave my upstairs office only occasionally to go to antique fairs – the world of my mind is far more comfortable than modern-day England.

With continued good health – and that is a matter of luck and out of my control – I shall enjoy myself writing for a while yet. I have published eighty-four books at the time of writing and much wish to top the hundred.

‘I intend to keep writing. I very much hope people will keep reading.’
– Andrew Wareham

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