A Busy Season (2016)

(The eighth book in the Duty and Destiny series)
23 Jan 2016

After a ‘diplomatic’ mission to Morocco from his temporary home port of Gibraltar, Frederick is predominantly tasked with patrolling the Mediterranean seeking French and Spanish prizes. He’s sent out to intercept an enemy supply convoy – but a deadly trap awaits. Later he’s dispatched on a daring raid to Ceuta in an attempt to rescue an imprisoned relative of the Moroccan Emperor.

The Duty and Destiny Series is a superbly-crafted collection of historical novels with a strong naval/seafaring theme. The series follows the naval career, loves and business dealings of Englishman, Frederick Harris, a brave but reluctant mariner. Despite his disinclination, he is seemingly destined to become a Master and Commander of his own ship. Books best read in series order.

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