A New Veneer (2023)

(The seventh book in The Pinchbeck Peer series)
10 October 2023

The World is turning upside down, and a few have noticed the fact.

Fabius Verstappen, Lord Oakham, is now independent. The old Duke is dead and he is no longer sheltered under the wing of the Verstappen family. But he is rich, and intends to become richer. He will never attain high political office, in part because he wishes to make money, but also because of his prizefighting indiscretions.

His children by the Duke’s daughter are growing up and he wishes them to become free members of the family, not constrained by their heritage into a conventional pattern. His daughter is too intelligent to become a simpering Society miss and he must help her to make a happy life. Jim, his eldest son, has the burden of inheritance to face, while young Cornelius is barely more than a little boy. They will not find it easy to evade the demands of convention in hidebound England.

Britain is changing, quickly. High Society is becoming irrelevant to the nation as a whole. France responded to similar circumstances with a bloody Revolution. The actions of a few leaders will determine whether there will also be an uprising in England.

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