A Soldier’s Farewell (2017)

(The sixth book in the Man of Conflict series)
02 Oct 2017

Septimus is sent to Canada in response to murderous raids across the border by uncontrolled American irregulars who are using the War of 1812 as an excuse for banditry. With the prospect of Bonaparte returning to France, he is called back and sent to the Low Countries to command Dutch-Belgic forces whose mission is to secure the coastal routes should the French seek to reconquer their lost territories. Books best read in series order.

About the ‘Man of Conflict Series’
Youngest son of a wealthy merchant, Septimus Pearce is a spoiled brat, wild and heedless. His recklessness promises to cost the family firm money and harm his father’s hopes of social advancement. His father forces him to join the army in an attempt straighten him out. However, even the disciplines of army life fail to completely exorcise his nastier character traits. But his callousness and indifference to suffering sometimes proves to be advantageous in the heat of battle, and he slowly gains the respect of his men. Books best read in series order.

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