A Wretched Victory (2017)

(The sixth book in the Innocents At War series)
11 Nov 2017

1918: Ludendorff makes his predicted Spring Offensive and takes Haig by surprise! Tommy’s pilots are forced to use low flying tactics to thwart the advance. The relentless daily raids are effective, but the loss of pilots and growing fatigue make them unsustainable. The arrival in strength of the Americans ends the German advance and then the ravages of the Spanish Flu’ turn the tide of war against Germany. Books best read in series order.

About the Series: The Corps grew from the amateur hobbyists flying the earliest and most dangerous machines. Mostly drawn from the Army and Navy, the pilots regarded themselves as gentlemen members of a new club. The Great War saw the death of amateurism – except in the higher ranks – and the unplanned, fortuitous creation of a professional force.

Innocents at War follows the career of Anglo-American flier, Tommy Stark, an enthusiastic boy forced to grow up quickly as many around him die. His deep affection for squire’s daughter, Grace is his only certainty as the bitter conflict threatens to strip the world of its innocence.

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