Billy Bacon and the Spanish Main (2018)

(The second book in the Colonial Warrior series)
16 Jun 2020

In the Sugar Islands, Billy helps recruit more soldier slaves who are sent to Tobago where they face dangers from murderous French privateers and pirates. Back on Antigua, Billy’s next task is to prepare the fever-ravaged remnants of a fashionable London regiment to re-conquer Trinidad for the King, with the aim of landing on the treacherous Spanish Main. Books best read in series order.

Historical Note
An estimated ten thousand slaves were bought and became soldiers in the period of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and the survivors became free men. It was always difficult to find officers and very few commissions were sold. A number – how many is unknown for lack of records – of regular sergeants were given regimental commissions and rose to senior rank.

Books in Series

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