Blood for Blood (2021)

(The third book in the Years of Blood series)
24 May 2021

Micah Slater, the Red Man, is recovering from his wound in the care of the Earl of Odstock’s pretty daughter. They become close, and the Earl gives grudging consent to the inevitable marriage. The convalescent Micah takes his lady into Salisbury on market day, where she is shot and killed by the forsworn Cornet Holmes, firing wildly at Micah.

Embittered, Micah returns to war, the Red Man more bloody-handed than ever. Raising a regiment of heavy horse for the Earl, he trains them up in the Dorset heathlands before marching them to battle at Cheriton, where the Parliamentary horse sweep the Cavaliers aside.

Micah then travels with Carew’s Brigade to clear up isolated garrisons throughout Wiltshire and into the West Midlands. On the way, he meets Henrietta, daughter to the Earl of Leominster, giving her escort to her father’s house…

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