Bursting Balloons (2017)

(The fifth book in the Innocents At War series)
16 Jul 2017

A spell in Britain on a morale boosting tour of factories and coalmines leaves Tommy and Noah distinctly underwhelmed and they are eager to return to France. Tommy’s squadron is eventually given the new Sopwith which proves to be an excellent fighter. As the war drags on, discontent spreads from the lower ranks up to senior level. However, the official line is that it is all going jolly well and plans are laid to break through the German defences near Ypres. Best read in series order.

About the Series: The Corps grew from the amateur hobbyists flying the earliest and most dangerous machines. Mostly drawn from the Army and Navy, the pilots regarded themselves as gentlemen members of a new club. The Great War saw the death of amateurism – except in the higher ranks – and the unplanned, fortuitous creation of a professional force.

Innocents at War follows the career of Anglo-American flier, Tommy Stark, an enthusiastic boy forced to grow up quickly as many around him die. His deep affection for squire’s daughter, Grace is his only certainty as the bitter conflict threatens to strip the world of its innocence…

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