Dead End (2022)

(The final book in The War To End All Wars series)
22 Nov 2022

The Great War is coming to the end of its fourth year. Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey are exhausted, unable to maintain their armies and replace their massive losses in manpower. Russia is in revolution, Germany is close, Austria-Hungary is losing control of its Balkans states, the Ottoman Empire is breaking up.

In Flanders, the German offensive has failed and has used up the remaining reserves of manpower and materials of war. Britain and France have, barely, a sufficiency of strength to launch a final great attack. America has come to the rescue with additional manpower and is poised to make the difference. India has sent vast numbers of troops to the Western front, enabling the British Army to stay in the war.

It is desperation time.

At sea, the submarine offensive has failed, though it still causes great damage. American troopships have crossed the Atlantic with almost no losses.

The allied powers are stumbling towards a final victory over starving Germany.

Richard Baker and Simon Sturton have had a long war and are still in the front line on land and sea, playing their part in the long-delayed victory.

The War To End All Wars series has received more than 4800 5-Star reviews on Amazon.

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