Distant Waters (2023)

(The eighth book in The Call of the Sea series)
13 May 2023

The short-lived Peace of Amiens is over. Entered into in bad faith, the Peace has provided both sides with the chance to take a breath and restock their arsenals.

Sir Nicholas Turnhouse, Bloody Nick, has recovered from his wound and is ready to go to sea again, supported by his lady. Only at sea will he be able to achieve the promotion in rank and honours that both believe to be his due. He is given Hawke, 44, again and sets out for the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea to tidy up the remnants of Napoleon’s Army of Egypt, if they should exist, and to make a general nuisance of himself around the Mauritius.

It is a long way from home, and the new happiness he has created for himself. It is back at sea, where he truly belongs. He sets sail, torn between domesticity and adventure, and wondering if he has taken the wiser choice.

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