Heat of Autumn (2020)

(The third book in the Innocent No More series)
01 Jul 2020

Squadron Leader Thomas Stark is stationed on the south coast near Beachy Head in July 1940. The squadron is protecting the convoys using the Channel, all the while waiting for the great Battle to commence.

Invasion is highly unlikely, but Goering thinks it can be done, and Hitler hopes the threat will make possible a political solution to the War in the West.

The RAF is split by internal conflicts – the peacetime professionals ranged against the many pilots who had experience in China and Spain, flying modern aircraft against the Luftwaffe in the latter case. The RAF had bitter experience during the Fall of France, which many senior officers prefer to ignore. There is still open war between those who support the Fighting Area Attacks and the fliers who saw action.

As the Battle of Britain slowly commences, Thomas is in the thick of the fight, leading his pilots in a war that cannot be won and must not be lost. There are too few of them, growing increasingly tired and battle fatigued – but they must fly.

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