High on the List (2024)

(The eleventh book in The Call of the Sea series)
11 February 2024

The Call of the Sea series has more than 16,000 5-star reviews on Amazon

Nick Turnhouse is now a senior captain, some two thirds of the way up the List, perhaps as little as five years short of automatic promotion to Rear Admiral. As such, he must accept more responsibility, and he will be expected to offer more than blind obedience to his orders. It is time to replace Bloody Nick with Sir Nicholas.

Bonaparte is committing the error of trying to place his brother on the throne of Spain, currently occupied by a madman and his erratic queen.

The Spanish are divided into at least four different factions nationally, and a dozen more in each separate province.

Sir Nicholas sails out to the Mediterranean to offer assistance to those Spaniards who will serve British interests best.

It is not a straightforward task.

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