Newly Made A Gentleman (2022)

(The fourth book in the Call of the Sea series)
24 May 2022

Nick Turnhouse knows how lucky he has been, and has little choice other than to ride the wave of his good fortune, regardless of where it may take him. He has made himself into Bloody Nick and must continue to take risks and hope to survive them if he is to make his fortune at sea.

His orders base him on Gibraltar, part of a small squadron commanded by a new rear admiral who comes to value him and acts as his patron. In between missions to Africa and Barcelona, Nick is introduced to the Assistant-Governor, the senior official on the Rock, and his grown-up daughter. At just under a fathom, she’s tall and outstrips most men, but Nick stands a comfortable hand taller than six feet and makes her a most welcome partner in the dance. And then at other social occasions…

‘The Call of the Sea’ series has received more than 1200 5-Star reviews


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