Nothing Forgotten, Nothing Learned (2023)

(The fifth book in the Innocent No More series)
12 Jan 2023

Thomas Stark’s return to Australia is delayed by a short campaign in Syria – the active, shooting war with Vichy France that followed on the defeat in Greece. Having led a makeshift squadron through the messy, untidy fighting with colonial France, Thomas is finally sent back to Australia. There, he finds himself unwelcome for having gained experience in the real war while the senior officers of the RAAF have stayed home and learned nothing new. Following a few happy weeks with his wife and new son, Thomas is sent away, off to Singapore where his comments on RAAF training and competence cannot be heard.

Reaching Singapore, Thomas finds the bulk of senior officers are those who were sent away from England, either for being jolly good chaps and hopelessly incompetent, or for being Fascist supporters who were insufficiently active to be interned, but were nevertheless untrustworthy. Some were both.

The Island of Singapore cannot be defended from attack from the land side. This is known but ignored as such an attack is impossible, and in any case, the Japanese are only little yellow men. The Air Force is equipped with hopelessly inadequate aircraft and poorly trained pilots who have been enjoying the tropical life style.

Thomas is unable to break down the massive complacency and can only wait on the inevitable attack and Japanese victory, and hope to be one of the few who escape.

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