Shanghai Dreams (2018)

(The second book in the Earl's Other Son series)
01 Jul 2018

Magnus is stationed at Shanghai where news reaches him of his brother’s involvement in a serious sex scandal which threatens to derail Magnus’ naval career and his future relationship with the beautiful Miss Blantyre. He is sent on a daring mission upriver to stop the nefarious activities of German spymaster, Baron Hildesheim. Later, a Russian squadron arrives in Shanghai with a mutinous crew bringing the prospect of more chaos on the Chinese coast. Books best read in series order.

About the Series
The Earl’s Other Son Series. It is the final years of Queen Victoria’s long reign. Lord Magnus Campbell is a lounger, and a naval lieutenant only because an uncle pays him a comfortable allowance while he remains in the service. His father is poor. He is a Scottish Earl with more title than income, and his elder brother is respectable but dim. They are both disapproving of Magnus and his errant ways.

After his indiscretion with an admiral’s daughter, Magnus is forced to leave England. He is appointed captain of an outdated sloop based out of Hong Kong. He engages in vicious actions with pirates and ‘mercenaries’ working for the other Great Powers and achieves a fair amount of success.

As his naval career progresses, Magnus is posted to various trouble spots around the world, where the Royal Navy is needed to protect the interests of the British Empire.

Books in Series

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