The Friendly Sea (2014)

(The first book in the Duty and Destiny series)
27 Jul 2014

The second son of a Hampshire landowner, Frederick Harris has no expectations worthy of the name. He takes to the sea as a profession, rather than from love of the seafaring life. Early in the French Revolutionary War he seizes the chance to shine in a bloody sea battle. After promotion, he is sent to the Caribbean where he gains further promotion and the patronage of a senior admiral.

The Duty and Destiny Series is a superbly-crafted family saga with a strong naval/seafaring theme. Set in the period of the French Revolutionary War (1793 – 1802). The series follows the naval career, loves and business dealings of Englishman, Frederick Harris, the son of a Hampshire landowner. He is a brave but reluctant mariner. Despite his disinclination, he is seemingly destined to become a Master and Commander of his own ship. Books best read in series order.

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