The Pinchbeck Peer: Book Five (2021)

(The fifth book in the Pinchbeck Peer series)
22 Aug 2021

All is well with the world of Fabius Verstappen, Baron Oakham, once the prize-fighter Gentleman Jim. He has recovered from his setback in the world of politics and is happy in the company of his lady, the duke’s daughter.

Unfortunately, Fabius errs in making loans to his peers prior to the failure of the Canal Bubble in 1795 and the consequent financial collapse. Society does not approve of profiteering from the destruction of noble houses, however foolish they may have been in their speculations, and he is banished from Society.

Exiled to his own estates, Fabius settles to agriculture, which he finds boring, and money-making, which is much more fun. It seems that his life is to take a new and successful turn… until tragedy strikes close to home.

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