The Pinchbeck Peer: Book One (2018)

(The first book in the Pinchbeck Peer series)
11 Dec 2018

Set in 1780, Fabius is a callow undergraduate when the family falls onto hard times – relatively speaking. He is forced out of Cambridge and becomes a Militia officer on a tiny allowance. While serving he dabbles in pugilism and shows himself handy with his fists and is well-liked. The mess of any Militia battalion is a hard-drinking establishment; while under the influence he makes a number of foolish bets, double-or-quits, and wakes up the following morning to find himself owing £512 – ten years of his allowance.
Knowing that his creditor – a merchant’s son – will have no hesitation in going to law and putting him in debtor’s prison, Fabius absconds.
En route to Liverpool and a ship West, Fabius meets the proprietor of a stable of prizefighters and is easily persuaded to join them as Gentleman Jim. A little of professional tuition added to his natural flair turns Fabius into an effective bareknuckle fighter. He climbs the ranks of the profession quickly and is a contender for the Championship in less than 2 years, the fights growing harder as he meets the better men. He comes to the attention of the Marquess of Mendip, a sporting man who is looking for a strong and healthy young gentleman for his own purposes.
The Marquess has a daughter who is crippled by a club foot and a son who is stupid almost to the point of being simple as well as being frail. He wants to wed the daughter to a powerful, healthy man to bring stronger blood into the family.
Fabius agrees, initially solely for the wealth and position he will gain. He suspects that he is not quite good enough to become Champion of England, and knows that being second-best will not make his fortune in the Ring.
The first book ends after a few weeks of marriage, Fabius coming to realise that he has done very well for himself and settling into his new life. Books best read in numerical order

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