The Pinchbeck Peer: Book Three (2020)

(The third book in the Pinchbeck Peer series)
14 May 2020

It is 1789 and Fabius Verstappen, first Baron Oakham, once the pugilist Gentleman Jim, is now established in public life, a minor friend of Mr Pitt’s. His unlikely marriage continues to be a success and he is happy in it, and his poor young brother, heir to the Duke of Mendip, is now wed to a kind lady who performs her duty to the family.

Europe is rapidly declining towards revolution and war, fuelled by a decade of poor harvests and increasing famine. However, England, Scotland, and Wales are enjoying a new prosperity from unprecedented growth in coal, iron, and cotton, which has enabled the bulk of the poor to earn a wage, even if only a very few shillings a week.

As revolution looms across the Channel and King George wanders in and out of insanity, London, Westminster, the West Country, and Calais provide a frantic background to Fabius’ progress through his new life.

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