The Vice Of Virtue (2015)

(The tenth book in the Poor Man At the Gate series)
18 Jun 2015

George IV dies and the rambunctious age of the Regency passes with him. Joseph Andrews is determined to atone for his weakness, in doing so he risks family unity. George Star flourishes in his ruthless money-making ventures, while the Railway Age is born, to the profit of some and dismay of others. In India, Wolverstone learns of a sinister plot involving poison, and Luke Star is facing unexpected danger in America.

Books best read in series order.

About the series: The highly acclaimed A Poor Man at the Gate series follows the fortunes of young Englishman Tom Andrews, a petty smuggler turned ‘pirate’ and his friend Joseph Star, a part-Carib freed slave. After making a small but illicitly gained fortune aboard a privateering ship in the Caribbean and later in New York at the time of the Revolutionary War, they are betrayed and forced to flee to England.

They settle in industrial Lancashire at the beginning of the first great industrial boom; as unscrupulous businessmen they quickly become very rich. Wealth allows Tom to buy a landed estate where he hopes to be accepted by the local aristocratic families. This expansive and meticulously-researched historical saga tells of Tom and Joseph’s triumphs and disasters as they aspire to create powerful dynasties to rival any in England.

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