Cannibal Country Trilogy

A New Place (2018)

After Ned's death, George is now head of the family and is tasked with finding a route north to engage the Japanese who in WW2 are moving south with the intention of taking Port Moresby so they can use it as a staging post for an invasion of Australia. Best read in...

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A Place Called Home (2015)

In Book Two the island is hit by a massive earthquake resulting in many deaths and widespread disarray. The 1920s and 1930s are challenging times with much social upheaval. Ned's son George goes out into the world to prove himself a man in his own right. After...

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Long Way Place (2015)

In the early 1900s gutter rat, Ned Hawkins aims to rise from the grinding poverty of an English slum, but is forced to flee the country and ends up in Papua. It is a dangerous place where cannibalism and cannibals are never far away. Despite this menacing backdrop, he...

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