Colonial Warrior

Billy Bacon and John Company’s Armies (2020)

Billy Bacon has become a major at a young age and has joined the Company’s Army in Madras. There he does his best to become respectable, as a major must. He achieves a nabob’s daughter as fiancée and goes off to war, where he is involved in fierce fighting and comes...

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Billy Bacon and the Spanish Main (2018)

In the Sugar Islands, Billy helps recruit more soldier slaves who are sent to Tobago where they face dangers from murderous French privateers and pirates. Back on Antigua, Billy's next task is to prepare the fever-ravaged remnants of a fashionable London regiment to...

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Billy Bacon and the Soldier Slaves (2017)

Billy Bacon the butcher's apprentice, faces the choice of being abused or of killing his abuser. Charged with murder, he flees and joins the Army. In 1786, he finds safety in a battalion bound for India where he survives disease and conflict and learns to be a good...

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