Duty and Destiny

Destiny Achieved (2018)

After a bloody battle, Frederick’s squadron finally neutralises the threat from Barbary pirates. Sailing out of Malta, the squadron goes in search of prizes in the eastern Mediterranean. Later, while patrolling the Slave Coast he stops a ship after witnessing evil...

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Half a Victory (2017)

Frederick's squadron continues to stir up trouble on the Barbary Coast. However, they don't get it all their own way and at times take heavy losses for very little gain. Later, Frederick becomes aware of a plot that if successful, could threaten Britain's naval...

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Shores of Barbary (2017)

Frederick is slowly adapting to his debilitating injury, and to life ashore. After a period of reacquainting himself with his family, he is sent to the north-east of England, supposedly to put an end to smuggling. Later he is promoted and takes charge of a well-armed...

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Deadly Shores (2017)

Frederick's squadron continues its perilous mission, sailing close to the Spanish coast as the Navy seeks to establish which regions of Spain are genuine allies in Britain's war with France. They also aim to discover if Bonaparte's army is being resupplied by sea, and...

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Tall Orders (2016)

It will take all of Frederick's fighting and diplomatic skills to avert disaster when he takes command of a heavily gunned squadron of ships which is to voyage to the dangerous waters off the Iberian Peninsula. His orders are to attack French ships whenever the...

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Far Foreign (2016)

Frederick is given worryingly vague orders to seek out pirates off the coast of Madagascar and then to escort pilgrim ships in the Red Sea. Suspecting ulterior motives from London, his squadron of aging ships are then despatched to South America to assist an...

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A Busy Season (2016)

After a ‘diplomatic’ mission to Morocco from his temporary home port of Gibraltar, Frederick is predominantly tasked with patrolling the Mediterranean seeking French and Spanish prizes. He’s sent out to intercept an enemy supply convoy – but a deadly trap awaits....

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The Odd-job Man (2015)

Frederick Harris is once again given command of a small squadron of ships with orders to discover Bonaparte's invasion capabilities and to generally ruffle a few feathers along the French coast. Later he is sent to Gibraltar to undertake more tasks including trying to...

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Sugar and Spice (2015)

Frederick Harris is given command of a small squadron of ships with orders to sail to the Caribbean at a time when who is at war with who is never quite certain. He suspects that for political reasons the mission could turn out to be a poisoned chalice. The Duty and...

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Fortune And Glory (2015)

The Revolutionary War is dragging to an untidy end. Britain, France, Russia, Austria and even the disintegrating Ottoman Empire are seeking to position themselves to take advantage of what is expected to be a short peace. The Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean are...

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