Earl's Other Son

Chinese Whispers (2019)

Magnus is sent as an attache to the Legation in Peking where rumours of an uprising are rife. He is then sent on an unusual quest inland to rescue missionaries. When his wife becomes pregnant, and deciding that dangers lay ahead in Peking, he travels with her to...

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Peking Nightmares (2019)

In the final book of the series, Magnus and his men are sent north to help put down the deadly Boxer Rebellion. The atrocities he witnessed when the Boxers were finally defeated appalled him. Later in the book he received news from Britain that would change his life...

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Shanghai Dreams (2018)

Magnus is stationed at Shanghai where news reaches him of his brother’s involvement in a serious sex scandal which threatens to derail Magnus’ naval career and his future relationship with the beautiful Miss Blantyre. He is sent on a daring mission upriver to stop the...

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The China Station (2018)

After being caught in bed with an admiral’s daughter, naval officer and second son of an earl, Lord Magnus Campbell, is sent off unceremoniously to Hong Kong. The posting is a chance for him to redeem himself, or to get further into trouble… He finds Hong Kong to his...

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