Gin Lane Trilogy

Killing’s Reward (2019)

Young Samuel Heythorne grows up and is encouraged by his mother to take a leading role in the family’s businesses. Although possessing the innocence of youth, he eventually learns that he must take drastic actions to ensure success. Nick, who is becoming increasingly...

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A Killing Too Far (2018)

Sam Heythorne finds the gin trade highly profitable, enabling him to expand into other dubious businesses. However, a savage attack on Uncle Abe's son by villains of a neighbouring town upsets Sam's comfortable world, forcing him to take murderous reprisals against...

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The Killing Man (2018)

Jacobite rebels engage in a murderous looting spree while fleeing back to Scotland. Young Sam, the son of a poor farmer, is forced to take drastic measures when their actions leave the family facing starvation. Later, Sam joins the local yeomanry who ride out in...

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