Innocents No More

Learning Anew (2023)

Thomas Stark has been put out to grass for the last six months, occupying a meaningless post as liaison to American forces who are not present in his part of Queensland. He is now rested and fit to fly and command, in control of his temper, drinking less and recovered...

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Nothing Forgotten, Nothing Learned (2023)

Thomas Stark’s return to Australia is delayed by a short campaign in Syria – the active, shooting war with Vichy France that followed on the defeat in Greece. Having led a makeshift squadron through the messy, untidy fighting with colonial France, Thomas is finally...

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Fighting Back (2021)

The Battle of Britain is over and Squadron Leader Thomas Stark is posted to Hurribombers; a new incarnation for the old fighter. He is tired, short-tempered, snappy – he needs a rest from flying and command. But, that’s not to be. Sent to North Africa with the...

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Heat of Autumn (2020)

Squadron Leader Thomas Stark is stationed on the south coast near Beachy Head in July 1940. The squadron is protecting the convoys using the Channel, all the while waiting for the great Battle to commence. Invasion is highly unlikely, but Goering thinks it can be...

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The Breaking Storm (2019)

Following on from the Innocents At War Series featuring Tommy Stark, a WW1 flying legend, his son, Thomas, joined the RAF in the run up to the Second World War. Thomas witnessed the atrocities that the Nazis had carried out in Spain and trained his pilots to be...

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The Gathering Clouds (2019)

Following on from the acclaimed Innocents At War Series which featured Tommy Stark, a Great War flying ace, his son, Thomas, after seeing action in Spain, joined the RAF in the long lead up to the Second World War. Young Thomas witnessed the atrocities that the Nazis...

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