Innocents At War

A Wretched Victory (2017)

1918: Ludendorff makes his predicted Spring Offensive and takes Haig by surprise! Tommy's pilots are forced to use low flying tactics to thwart the advance. The relentless daily raids are effective, but the loss of pilots and growing fatigue make them unsustainable....

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Bursting Balloons (2017)

A spell in Britain on a morale boosting tour of factories and coalmines leaves Tommy and Noah distinctly underwhelmed and they are eager to return to France. Tommy's squadron is eventually given the new Sopwith which proves to be an excellent fighter. As the war drags...

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Dark Days Of Summer (2017)

Despite the lack of suitable aircraft, there is a major effort by the RFC to establish control of the skies over the Western Front in the lead up to the Battle of the Somme. Noah Arkwright marries Mrs Wyndham and faces an awkward introduction to her aristocratic...

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No Longer A Game (2017)

The RFC is desperate to train more pilots to replace those killed in action and in training. With a major ground offensive imminent, there is an urgent need to form specialist squadrons to support the troops. However, the German Fokkers are an ever-present threat....

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A Deadly Caper (2017)

The death toll rises as the War intensifies. In England, teenage pilot, Tommy Stark marries his childhood sweetheart. Then he’s tasked with assessing the capabilities of the planes being developed for the RFC, before re-joining his squadron. The young and mainly...

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When Empires Collide (2016)

As WWI approaches, Anglo-American pilot, Tommy Stark joins the embryonic Royal Flying Corps. Never far from his mind is squire’s daughter, Grace; childhood friends, over time their friendship intensifies. With the conflict escalating, Tommy completes training, earning...

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