Man of Conflict

A Soldier’s Farewell (2017)

Septimus is sent to Canada in response to murderous raids across the border by uncontrolled American irregulars who are using the War of 1812 as an excuse for banditry. With the prospect of Bonaparte returning to France, he is called back and sent to the Low Countries...

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Spanish Tricks (2016)

Septimus and his men fight in a fierce battle to thwart French relieving forces marching to the besieged fortress of Almeida, before being sent to commandeer a supposed Spanish arsenal. Much to his consternation, an arrogant Spanish Count is foisted upon him after...

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Blood and Famine (2016)

Blood and Famine... Septimus is sent back to Portugal with his battalion to garrison a castle where, much to the distress of the resident nobleman, he carries out the official scorched-earth policy to deny food and shelter to the invading French Army. Brutal raids and...

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Fire and Folly (2016)

Back in England and newly promoted, Septimus Pearce is sent to Ireland to maintain peace between the religious factions. There are fears that the Danish fleet could fall into Napoleon's hands, so an invasion force including the Hampshires is dispatched to Denmark....

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Raging Rajahs (2015)

Septimus Pearce takes himself a wife, but domestic bliss is interrupted when he is sent to quell rioting. As a result of heavy-handedness by some of his men, he is ‘punished’ by being posted to India where he is involved in minor campaigns before leading his men in...

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The Soldier Brat (2015)

Youngest son of a wealthy English merchant, Septimus Pearce is an utterly spoiled brat whose disgraceful conduct threatens his family’s good name. His father forces him to join the army in an attempt to reform him, but even the disciplines of army life where he sees...

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