Nobody's Child

The Young Squire (2021)

Giles Jackson has come home, knighted and virtuous, and very rapidly bored. Even his new bride is not quite sufficient to keep him in England. A little persuasion by the agents of government – and an amount of blackmail, judiciously applied – is sufficient to send him...

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Foreign Mud (2020)

Giles Jackson, the orphan alone in the world, continues his autobiography as viewed from his old age and a selective memory. This second instalment details and comments upon his experience in the opium trade between India and Canton - his highly profitable dealings in...

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Nobody’s Child (2019)

Young Giles Jackson’s parents die and he is brought up by an adoptive family who send him to boarding school where he gets expelled for fighting. Instead of returning home, he heads for Poole Harbour, and after saving the life of a sea captain, he voyages to the East...

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