An Emergent State (2022)

Set in the early 1980s, An Emergent State takes place in the imaginary state of Peyenjee in the South Pacific, close to the Coral Sea and not far from Australia. None of the events actually happened. Any of them could have. Peyenjee is newly independent and uses...

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The Balloonatics (2021)

Peter Naseby is enjoying a leisurely naval career when his ship runs down the Admiral in Command at Portsmouth. On his watch. It is early 1915 and he had been looking forward to joining the Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow. Now he must accept a posting to obscurity or...

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Hungry Harry (2016)

With his mother dying in childbirth in a home for fallen women, at the age of eight the unloved Harry is sold into virtual slavery, before running away and joining the British Army. His battalion is sent to face the perils of Africa’s fever ravaged Slave Coast. On...

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