Pinchbeck Peer

A New Veneer (2023)

The World is turning upside down, and a few have noticed the fact. Fabius Verstappen, Lord Oakham, is now independent. The old Duke is dead and he is no longer sheltered under the wing of the Verstappen family. But he is rich, and intends to become richer. He will...

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The Pinchbeck Peer: Goodbye Gentleman Jim (2023)

Fabius Verstappen, Viscount Oakham, son to a country gentleman and once a prizefighter, comes to the end of his adventuring days. Circumstances force him to settle down – but as what? Is he to be a conventional member of fashionable Society? Or perhaps he will expand...

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The Pinchbeck Peer: Book Five (2021)

All is well with the world of Fabius Verstappen, Baron Oakham, once the prize-fighter Gentleman Jim. He has recovered from his setback in the world of politics and is happy in the company of his lady, the duke's daughter. Unfortunately, Fabius errs in making loans to...

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The Pinchbeck Peer: Book Four (2020)

In eighteenth-century London, country gentleman, pugilist, and peer, Fabius Verstappen, first Baron Oakham, has his work cut out for him trying to restrain the increasingly outrageous Prince of Wales. Now a political aide to Mr Pitt, Fabius manoeuvres to secure votes...

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The Pinchbeck Peer: Book Three (2020)

It is 1789 and Fabius Verstappen, first Baron Oakham, once the pugilist Gentleman Jim, is now established in public life, a minor friend of Mr Pitt’s. His unlikely marriage continues to be a success and he is happy in it, and his poor young brother, heir to the Duke...

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The Pinchbeck Peer: Book Two (2019)

Fabius is enjoying married life and finds his wife a great source of wisdom. Her advice is crucial for his political ambitions. He also spends more time overseeing the Mendip estates and the couple seek a suitable bride for the hapless Cornelius. The intended marriage...

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The Pinchbeck Peer: Book One (2018)

Set in 1780, Fabius is a callow undergraduate when the family falls onto hard times – relatively speaking. He is forced out of Cambridge and becomes a Militia officer on a tiny allowance. While serving he dabbles in pugilism and shows himself handy with his fists and...

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