Poor Man At the Gate

A Victorian World (2022)

The Andrews family has been struck by disaster and they make their first steps toward overcoming tragedy and returning to their leading place in Society and Industry. The decade of the 1840s is bringing in vast changes and the old days of the Hanoverians are rapidly...

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Victorian Dawn (2016)

The families face new challenges as the Victorian Age arrives. It is a new era but many of the old problems persist; food prices remain high, the poor remain hungry and the threat of civil unrest is ever-present. Furthermore, the health of the people is endangered as...

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Virtue’s Reward (2015)

Lord Frederick Masters is rescued from his folly in Belgium and is sent to obscurity on a plantation in Virginia. Ireland is starting the downhill slide that leads to the Great Famine of the 1840s, and cholera sweeps through London, claiming many lives. In the United...

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The Vice Of Virtue (2015)

George IV dies and the rambunctious age of the Regency passes with him. Joseph Andrews is determined to atone for his weakness, in doing so he risks family unity. George Star flourishes in his ruthless money-making ventures, while the Railway Age is born, to the...

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A Parade Of Virtue (2015)

After the introspective years following Tom's death, events take a very dramatic turn. There's a devastating cholera outbreak in India, Luke Star is dicing with death as a mercenary in Greece, while in New Orleans, Henry Star has a potential troublemaker ruthlessly...

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The Wages Of Virtue (2014)

It is a new era and the children must establish themselves as the next generation of the families. Still mourning the loss of his wife and new-born child, Joseph is on course for spectacular failure, and a serious mining accident adds to his sense of desolation....

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The Old Order (2014)

Tom becomes involved in the sordid suicide of Lord Castlereagh, the Foreign Secretary, and plays a major part in the cover up, earning much political gratitude for the whole family. Meanwhile, James marries well and begins to lay the foundations of a political career....

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Illusions Of Change (2014)

The Depression is over and fears of revolution have subsided, but there is still resentment over the previous year's hangings. Robert is carrying out some very controversial actions on behalf of the government under cover of his bank's business in America. Mad King...

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The Pain Of Privilege (2014)

Tom and Lady Verity intend to place their dynasty in a position of economic, social and political leadership in England. Captain Matthew Star returns to England and makes a love match with their daughter, Charlotte, much to her mother's displeasure. There is social...

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Privilege Preserved (2014)

Tom Andrews and Joseph Star’s sons enjoy success in the world of commerce. In America, Henry Star is growing wealthy from illicit deals, but is implicated in a murder. Meanwhile, the settlers in New York State are facing dangers as disease strikes. There are shady...

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