Years of Blood

A Proper End (2021)

Micah Slater has become confident in command of his Regiment of Horse, too much so for the liking of his general, Sir William Waller, who needs no competition for the favour of Parliament. He is sent out of the way to the Marcher Counties of England and Wales to...

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Blood for Blood (2021)

Micah Slater, the Red Man, is recovering from his wound in the care of the Earl of Odstock’s pretty daughter. They become close, and the Earl gives grudging consent to the inevitable marriage. The convalescent Micah takes his lady into Salisbury on market day, where...

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Red Man (2020)

It’s 1643 and flaming-haired Micah Slater – the Red Man – has made his home county too hot to stay in. He’s sent off to London to join the Parliamentary forces, and to give them the benefit of his talent for finding trouble. Promoted to captain, he trains a new...

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Bold and Blooded (2019)

Born into poverty in a small Northamptonshire village dominated by an overbearing pastor and a tyrannical father, young Micah Slater fought back against his father and was forced to leave. He joined the military who were to confront the marauding Scots. It was a time...

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