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My thanks, first of all, to those who have helped me by sending in corrections, minor mostly, but one glaring error pointed out. Apologies for my carelessness!

Again, I am truly grateful to several readers who have sent me unpublished material, mostly family history, which has cast a new light on certain episodes of the past. It is a true joy to discover what actually happened, which can often be very different to the official line to be discovered in the history books and newspaper headlines.

On to my latest book ‘Learning Anew’, the sixth in the Innocents No More series, and the one hundredth I have published on Kindle.

I have made my century!

Remembering the trepidation with which I published my first, The Privateersman, I am pleasantly surprised to have got this far, and to have people still reading them – in greater numbers with each book, it seems.

On that topic, thanks to the very many who have written reviews on Kindle. I read them, generally with the greatest pleasure. Please keep them coming – reviews make a difference to writers.

Several readers have pointed out that the latest book has been somewhat delayed – apologies, but health issues kept me off the computer for a fortnight. I can recommend you all not to get old – it’s a bad habit!

I am fit again now, and busy. The next book ‘Adrift in the World’, second in ‘The Merchant’s Tale’, will be out in the third week of July and the offerings for August and September are well advanced.

I wonder if I can make two hundred?

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